Last Posting for Rossaround Backstage Podcast

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my podcasts this last year. I started RBP in January 2017. I interviewed a lot of very talented and interesting people. I am torn with this decision but I have decided to suspend the RBP for now. While I had a lot of people listen, it is just not enough to make it worth my time, energy and money to continue to publish podcasts.
I was hoping that I would have enough loyal listeners to attract a financial sponsor but I understand you have to have 10’s of thousands of listeners to get to that point. I was doing everything myself. Interviewing, editing, posting and advertising. I estimate that this took about 10+ hours of my time for every episode.
At this time, I am still touring as FOH Mixer and I am getting quite a bit of work mixing songs in my home studio for foreign and domestic artists. I am also working with an new studio owner in Newbury Park CA. I have designed and got MIKRON studio up and running over the last few months. We are looking for clients to record or rehearse in this facility. It’s a great comfortable space with great recording equipment. Contact me if you would like a tour.
So, I hope you will follow me on FB, Twitter, and Instagram and contact me if you or someone you know needs songs mixed or mastered, please send them my way.

RPB with Duke Mollner S2, Episode 3

Here is a truly amazing story of a guy that has lived so many exciting and challenging times in his life. I really enjoyed interviewing Duke Mollner and enjoyed it again when I was preparing the audio for you. Duke is my Brother-In-Law. He is married to my sister Ginnie Pallone Mollner ( who I interviewed the day before I did this one.

Duke started out doing High School and College Plays and Musicals. He then went on to become a Marine Helicopter Pilot during the Viet Nam era. Fortunately, he never had to go to Viet Nam. He was inspired early on by the dancing in West Side Story and decided he wanted to become a Jazz Dancer. There’s great story in this interview that tells about the time his Marine buddies found out he was taking Jazz Dancing lessons. You can imagine the ribbing he must have taken but you’ll have to listen to find out the stunt they pulled on him.

After his 6 years in the Marines, he pursued his dancing career and intertwined in that part of his life he learned to deal Craps and Baccarat in Las Vegas which started another interesting chapter to his life. Duke had a very successful career as a Dancer and Singer in some of the biggest shows in Las Vegas. Duke still deals Baccarat at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas where he holds title to the only “Singing Baccarat Dealer” in the world.

He eventually went on to create one of the greatest and scariest Halloween Haunted House business’s in the USA and the world.

Duke no longer dances but he still deals Baccarat at the Bellagio Hotel and owns the great Freakling Brothers Halloween Haunted Houses. Duke tells us all about this business in the interview.