Last Posting for Rossaround Backstage Podcast

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed my podcasts this last year. I started RBP in January 2017. I interviewed a lot of very talented and interesting people. I am torn with this decision but I have decided to suspend the RBP for now. While I had a lot of people listen, it is just not enough to make it worth my time, energy and money to continue to publish podcasts.
I was hoping that I would have enough loyal listeners to attract a financial sponsor but I understand you have to have 10’s of thousands of listeners to get to that point. I was doing everything myself. Interviewing, editing, posting and advertising. I estimate that this took about 10+ hours of my time for every episode.
At this time, I am still touring as FOH Mixer and I am getting quite a bit of work mixing songs in my home studio for foreign and domestic artists. I am also working with an new studio owner in Newbury Park CA. I have designed and got MIKRON studio up and running over the last few months. We are looking for clients to record or rehearse in this facility. It’s a great comfortable space with great recording equipment. Contact me if you would like a tour.
So, I hope you will follow me on FB, Twitter, and Instagram and contact me if you or someone you know needs songs mixed or mastered, please send them my way.


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