RBP Episode 16, Rossaround with Burleigh Drummond of Ambrosia

Burleigh Drummond is one of the founding members of the 5 time Grammy Nominated band, Ambrosia. Along with David Pack, Joe Puerta and Chris North they formed the band in 1970. They had a string of hit sons; How Much I Feel, Biggest Part of Me, You’re the Only Woman, Holdin’ On to Yesterday, I Just Can’t Let Go, and other great songs very popular in the Prog Rock world. They have been through some changes over the years but they are still touring and making great music together. I was lucky to have been introduced to the band many years ago while doing engineering work for David Pack. Recently I have been doing some FOH mixing for Ambrosia and it has been a lot of fun and musically rewarding. Burleigh is a very humble guy who is a very talented drummer, percussionist, songwriter, singer and producer. His bandmates include Joe Puerta, Chris North, Mary Harris, Ken Stacey, and Doug Jackson.
If you get a chance to see them live, you will not be disappointed.
Listen to Burleigh tell the whole story of how Ambrosia got started and how their career progressed over the many years they have been together.

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