RBP Episode 9, Rossaround with Chris Walden

Chris Walden is a 7 time Grammy Nominee. He was born in Germany and came to Hollywood to seek his fortune as an Arranger and Composer for the Music, Film and TV industries. I interviewed Chris in his writing room at the historic Capitol Records building in Hollywood California. When I visited Chris, he was working on an orchestral arrangement for Celine Dion. Chris also works for many great artists such as David Foster, Barbara Steisand, George Michael, Andrea Bucelli, Aretha Franklin, Phil Ramone, Michael Buble, LeAnn Rimes, Rod Stewart, Josh Grobin, Christopher Cross and many others. Chris also did years of arranging for American Idol and The Tonite Show with Jay Leno.

Listen to Chris’s story of growing up in a musical family in Germany and rising to the top arranging and composing music. When he had done everything he could do in Germany, he made the move to the US where he could find bigger challenges.

Chris is now truly in demand here in the US and he still does work in Germany.

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Thanks, for listening, Ross Pallone


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