RBP Rossaround with Brian Kilgore, Episode 21


You have heard him play many times. He is all over the movies and television shows that you watch on a regular basis. Brian Kilgore is an extremely talented percussionist who I have known and worked with for many years. He has a massive collection of ethnic percussion instruments as well as all the usual orchestral and hand percussion instruments in his collection.
Brian started out as a drummer when his parents surprised him with his first drum kit that his parents bought from family friends for fifty dollars! As his career progressed, he discovered his love for percussion. He worked his way into the film and TV music business. This is no easy task to become a first call musician in this very competitive click. Brian says that it was his tenacity and his unwillingness to give up that got him there.

All the music clips that you hear under this interview were composed and performed by Brian Kilgore.

Brian has a very interesting story to tell. I am happy to know Brian as a friend and musician.

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