RBP Rossaround with Jamey Tate, Episode 20


Jamey Tate is an amazingly talented musician. I met Jamey when working with David Benoit. Not only can he play the drums and read music cold, he can also write music, work as a Musical Director, arrange music and much more. Besides being a major talent, he is a genuine good guy. Always respectful of his touring partners while having great sense of humor.

Jamey hired me several years ago to mix the Spotlight Awards show while Jamey was the Musical Director and wrote all the music for the show and arranged the whole thing.

He has worked with many top artists over his long career and I think he has the talent to climb much higher.

This interview is a must for any young drummers out there that are planning to make a career as musician. Jamey has all the answers for you right here.

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