RBP Rossaround with Jan Mengeling, Episode 26


Jan Mengeling is the current Production Manager for Chris Isaak. I did this interview last December but didn’t get around to it until today. Last week I published my interview with Bobby Herr who was sitting in for Jan and he is now working with Fleetwood Mac.
Back when I conducted his interview he was PM and Guitar Tech. He has come back to the Chris Isaak tour as PM and is no longer the Guitar Tech. Jan is a great guitar player and has been in several bands. He emigrated to the US from Mainz Germany to work in this business. He has found his way over the years to be very good at being a Production Manager. We are fortunate to have him.
Jan tells us how his path led him to where is today. Through the years he has worked with many famous bands and guitar players proving that you never know exactly what this business will take you.

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