RBP, Rossaround with John Tesh, Episode 19


This is a very special interview for me. I worked for John Tesh for about 12 years, recording and mixing well over thirty projects.

In the beginning, we made several records that were really inventive and exploring music styles like ELP, Yes, Pink Floyd etc. When the radio station, “The WAVE” became popular and Yanni was big, Johns music style became more “New Age” or “World Music”. John was very popular and his records were successful to the point where we were doing big tours and selling lots of records. I picked out a few music clips from the early records and a couple from the Red Rocks project and put them in this podcast. (with John’s permission of course)

My Nickname “Rossaround” actually came from some of the early sessions I did with John. I was a newlywed, and when my wife would call the studio, she would say “is Ross around”. After several times, John coined the nickname, “Rossaround”.

His Crown Jewel was the “Live At Redrocks” PBS Special which won me a Gold Record and an Emmy Nomination for “Best Sound Mixing For a Musical Special. We did other full length music videos in Europe, and in the Avalon Ballroom in Catalina.

During those years I was a friend to John and his wife Connie Sellecca and we watched each others children grow up. We enjoyed the work we did together and the money was still very good in the music business. The last project I did for John was ‘A Deeper Faith” in 2002. After that, John’s career took him into the Christian Music world and we parted ways. This was the same time that the music business took a nosedive and everyone was scrambling for work and wondering if we would ever be able make a living in this business again.

My years with John really made me a better engineer as he always thought BIG and “out of the box”. He was always full of energy. Keeping up with John was a challenge. As you can hear in this interview, John has no lack of energy.

We had a good time reminiscing the good old days and it was good to see John, Connie and their son, Gib.

I hope you enjoy what I have put together here.

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