RBP Rossaround with Ken Stacey of Ambrosia, Episode 23


I just started working with Ken Stacey this year when Ambrosia started calling me to mix their shows. I have been very impressed with Ken’s vocals. He’s a real pro. You don’t have to take my word for it. He is in high demand for his vocal talent. Ken has toured with Bobby Caldwell, Elton John and Ambrosia. He was all set to be on the giant but ill fated Michael Jackson tour, but after rehearsing for months with the MJ band, the world came tumbling down on all involved. Ken also worked on American Idol, coaching the young singers and writing vocal arrangements.
If you are a young singer or musician hoping to get into the music business, this interview is a must listen for you. Ken really tells it like it is and has a lot of advice for you.
In this interview, Ken tells an amazing story about his time in the Elton John Band. I am not going to give it away here, you will have to listen to hear what Ken did…

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