RBP Rossaround with Kenney Dale Johnson, Episode 31

Chris Isaak, Azkena Rock Festival, Medizabala, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 26/VI/2010. Foto por Dena Flows


I started working with Kenney Dale Johnson last October. He has an unusual drumming style that fits perfectly with Chris Isaak’s music. He also sings harmonies a lot with Chris and they have a very tight blend.
Born in the small Texas town of Borger, he moved to Austin and eventually to San Francisco where he met up with Chris Isaak. He believed in Chris in the early years before Chris was a big star. He hung in there when their touring life was not so glamorous. Now, over 33 years later they are still rock’n together. Kenney also plays the part of Chris’s sidekick like Ed McMahon was to Johnny Carson.
It’s a real pleasure to work with Kenney and all the guys and girls in the Chris Isaak entourage. I hope you enjoy Kenney’s story

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