RBP Rossaround with Mary Broadbent, Episode 34


Another young upcoming Professional doing everything she can to compete in the male dominated job market of professional crew people. I met Mary on the Chris Isaak Tour where she handles selling the merchandise and wrangling the VIP pre-show meet & greets. She has a lot of experience doing this job but she really prefers to work with the bands in the production side. Mary has worked as a Tour Manager, Assistant TM and PM also a Drum and Guitar Tech and FOH.
Here is an example of a person who is not afraid to try any job and works hard to do the research if she doesn’t know the answer. I like to see people in this business that are willing to learn for more experienced people and willing to do what it takes to move into the positions she wants.
She has worked with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and many other bands doing various jobs. She’s a real go getter and a pleasure to work with. Always a smile and a laugh. (except early mornings) Ha!

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