RBP Rossaround with Scott Taylor, Episode 24


“Young Gun” Scott Taylor knows where he is going and he knows how he’s going to get there. I met Scott when I got hired to mix FOH for Chris Isaak. Scott was the Sound Image Rep taking care of audio set-ups for the tour. Shortly after I was hired, Scott became the Stage Manager as well as handling the audio duties and he has been doing a spectacular job. Scott wants to do many things in this business. He wants to mix FOH, be a Production Manager on big tours and he surprised me with his songwriting and singing abilities. I used some of Scotts music on this episode for the intro and outgoing bumpers. Now I am surprised he hasn’t really persued that too. While in the business for only nine years, Scott has learned a lot and is a sponge for learning new things. He asks questions and respects the older more experienced guys in the business. This is something that I really respect about Scott. Instead of being jealous of people in higher positions, he wants to learn all he can from us. I think he knows that his time will come and he wants to be the best.
Scott is NOT inexperienced. He is a proud graduate of the “Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences” and has been on the road with Bush, Linkin Park, Richie Sambora, No Doubt, New Politics, Young The Giant, Cher Lloyd and others as you will hear in this episode.
Scott has his own website and blog too can check out at Tayloredtouring.com

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