RBP Rossaround with Tim Heintz, Episode 36


I’ve met and worked with a lot of people in the music business and Tim Heintz has been a truly great friend to me for over 30 years. We met when he started working with Michael McDonald as his keyboard player. Tim and I have remained friends all these years and have worked on countless recording projects together.

Some of his credits include, Chaka Kahn, George Benson, Tom Scott, John Tesh, Al Jarreau and Bob James.

Not only is Tim super talented but he is really a good human and anyone would be proud to know such a great guy. As you will hear in this episode, Tim has worked with many great artists over the years and done some very interesting projects. He also tells the story of how he, his wife and three young daughters left their very comfortable life here in California to travel to South Africa to live in a poverty stricken community for a year and a half to help orphans of the Aids epidemic and help the community with a variety of problems. Truly a good person.

Tim now mostly composes music for theme parks and Disney is his biggest client. So, next time your at a Disney park and hear the music that is in the parades and shows, it might very well be Tims music.

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