RPB with Ginnie Pallone Mollner S2,E-2

Ginnie Pallone Mollner is my sister. She started singing at very early age in Pittsburgh and always new she wanted to be a professional singer. My parents moved us to California because of the weather but also to help Ginny get a start in the music business. She went through all the usual stuff that singers at that time went through. She got a record deal and released a few songs but her career really peaked being a live performer in Las Vegas. She worked in the biggest shows in Vegas and rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in show biz.
Ginny has a beautiful voice reminiscent of Karen Carpenter. Her career and life story is very interesting, I hope you will enjoy her story. I learned a lot of things that I never knew about her doing this interview. Both my sisters and I are very close and I am so very grateful of our relationship.


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  1. I just found a promo 45 of “Does It Take A Lot To Care For Me”. The flip, “Town Of Shade” really knocked me! My first thought was “Karen Carpenter without the affectations.” I’m so glad to find this and to read that she is still singing. A beautiful woman and voice! I am a new fan in Missouri.

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